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CREEP kick-off meeting

23 April 2015

A. Tommasi

FAST-Orsay, FR

CREEP Scientists & administrative staff

1st CREEP workshop

27 Jan. 2016

A. Tommasi

Sète, FR

All CREEP + 15 external participants

Short course 1:

Numerical modelling of Earth systems

1 Feb. 2016

P. Tackley
T. Gerya

Sète, FR


Short course 2: Textures and anisotropy in crystalline materials

14March2016 A. Tommasi
D. Mainprice,
N. Di Paola

Montpellier, FR

CREEP ESRs + 2 external participants

Short course 3: Reservoir faulting, fracturing, & microseismicity

20 June 2016

JM. Kendall,
C. Spiers, GMuG

Bristol, UK

CREEP ESR/ERs + 10 external participants

Short course 4: Thermal convection in complex fluids: from laboratory to mantle dynamics

12 Sept. 2016

A. Davaille,

F. Funiciello

Orsay (FAST), FR

CREEP ESRs + 10 external participants

Supervisory Board Meeting – 1st assessment 16 Sept. 2016 CREEP Coordinator Orsay (FAST), FR Supervisory Board + CREEP ESRs

2nd CREEP workshop

Feb. 2016

Francesca Funiciello

Rome, IT

All CREEP + 15 external participants

3rd CREEP workshop October 2017 B. Kaus Ebernburg, DE All CREEP + 15 external participants
4th CREEP workshop

27 Jan. 2018

CREEP Coordinator

Les Houches, FR

All CREEP + 30 external participants


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