ESR6 – Elenora van Rijsingen


Nationality: Dutch

CREEP host institution: University of Roma Tre, Italy

Background: I followed my bachelor (Earth Sciences) and master (Earth, Structure and Dynamics) both at Utrecht University. The specialization within my master is: Basins, orogens and the crust-lithospere system. For my Msc Thesis I made a plate-kinematic reconstruction of the Dinaric-Hellenic belt using Jurassic ophiolites of the Neotethys ocean.

Research interest: I am interested in studying geodynamics, with a focus on the mechanism of large scale tectonic processes and their link with both mantle dynamics and surface processes. I favour adopting a multidisciplinary approach to obtain a complete view on the problem and to find the best possible solution.

CREEP project: My PhD project within CREEP focusses on the subduction earthquake cycle. By studying the characteristics of the subduction interface, like the roughness of the seafloor or the amount of sediments which enters the subduction zone, we hope to better constrain the rupture behaviour of interplate subduction earthquakes. Based on natural data we will develop a conceptual model describing this behaviour, which can then be tested in the lab using analogue modelling. Since my PhD is a joint project between the Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics (LET) of Roma Tre and Geosciences Montpellier I work in two different analogue laboratories using a range of different analogue materials and geometries.

Supervisors: Francesca Funiciello1, Serge Lallemand2, Fabio Corbi2, Stephane Dominguez2.

1  Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics (LET), Roma Tre
2  Geosciences Montpellier

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