ESR5 – Linfeng Ding

Linfeng DING

Nationality: Chinese

CREEP host institution: University of Mainz, Germany

Group link:

Background: I did a four-year bachelor of Materials science and engineering in Dalian Polytechnic University mainly focused on glass engineering. Then I went to Donghua University (Shanghai) for a two-year master of Materials engineering, during which I was mostly working on recycling from industrial wastes to glass ceramics (Linfeng Ding, etc. Materials Letters. 2015;141:327-9.) and glass fiber products.

CREEP project:  Rheology and deformation of glass under extreme conditions

In my project, we try to get a better understanding of the rheology of glass under high pressures and temperatures. I will use the piston cylinder apparatus to compress different types of glasses with high pressures and temperatures to find the effect of the extreme conditions on the properties of glasses. On the other hand, I will also try to build a numerical model to simulate the glass deformation experiments, and compare the results to a real deformation setup to determine the rheology of glass under high pressure and temperatures.

Supervisors:  Boris Kaus1, Clemens Kunisch2

1 University of Mainz, DE

2 Schott AG, DE

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